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Welcome to our new payment system

A large portion of the services we offer are recurring, so we’re switching over to this new system to make receiving and paying your bills easier on you – and to be honest, on us.

We’ll set you up with recurring subscriptions for the services we already provide you – typically domain name registration renewals and web hosting. You can choose to pay by check, by PayPal, or by credit card through either PayPal or Stripe.

If you choose, that payment method will be charged automatically each period. Or you could continue to pay manually. Whichever works best for you.

And you can switch between monthly, quarterly, and annual payments if you’d like.

You can cancel at any time of course. Just as you’ve always been able to .

And you can change your payment method as needed.

Web development and support work will be billed through this site as well, in much the same way we’ve always done it. You’ll receive a separate invoice, payable in 30 days as usual.

For those few of you who still have a balance on your bill, we’ve added a flexible payment plan to get you caught up. You get to decide how much to pay up front, how much each month, and over how many months. There will be fee added if you miss a payment, so make sure you set it up so that you can stay within your means.

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